Monday, July 23, 2012

~Fun in the sun~

some owls at the park
Yesterday was such a fun Sunday! The Original plan was go to the beach and play some volleyball and just hang out, but a huge storm came through so we went bowling instead, what a great idea. 

Sam and I Sharing is caring!!

After bowling we walked outside and their was SUNSHINE!! So we decided to go to a local park and play some volleyball, I have not been so active in a while and it was amazing, we played 3 games of volleyball where our team won 2 of 3 times.   Then someone had a basketball too so we played a game of that to 21 which was super fun.

From left to right:
Jess, Zack, Rob, Sam, Me, Steven (white shirt), Anthony

After that we decided to go home and shower off and meet up for a game of Settlers of Catan...perfect timing too, the weather turned into rain again, thanks weather for staying nice for the 4 hours we played sports!

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