Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My Aunt Linda was in town this past week and I already wrote about the first half of our trip. After Kissimmee, FL We went on a little 3 day Bahamas cruise, where we stayed at the beach all day and enjoyed the beautiful sun!

 View from the Bahama hotel we were at

Another View

In Hollywood, we went on the boardwalk and looked at all the little shops.
In South Beach we went to a place called the Shakin Penguin which was on tv called Hotel Impossible where they got renovated, we then had their signature drink called the Shake your penguin, I wanted to steal the shaker, but I didn't!
Here is just a couple of pictures I took at the beaches

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kissimme [kiss*SIM*me]

This past Sunday (June 10), my lovely Aunt Linda came out to visit, we are not done with the whole trip yet but I wanted to talk about the half of it we spent in Kissimmee, FL! 
Our first stop was next to a sports place that had this awesome entrance!

We didn't do any Disney parks this time but we did roam around and go to Celebration, Fl which was a town built by Disney that is supposed to be the perfect town, they have everything! From a gas station to their very own university. You don't buy the homes you just rent them and sign a lease for 75 years, although it was cute I wouldn't want to live there.

We also went to Titanic museum, this would have been the 3rd one I have been to, they give you a passport and you see if your person made it in the end
Mine died but had a interesting story, her name was Annie C. Funk.
(P.S. The movie Titanic isn't a real story if you didn't already know)

We also went to Old Town in Kissimmee, FL which was so cute!!

It had rides shops and restaurants. We didn't go at night, but I am sure the town is REALLY alive then!

We then went to a dinner show called Capone's and it was based in the mobster era it was so fun! I met my new mobster love from Chicago after I had been arrested once with no convictions eh eh....well he was impressed anyways!!

Now I am off to go on a cruise to the Grand Bahama Island so I will write when I get back!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Midnight Swim!!

              Me                                             Jessica & I                                          Jessica

Last night was such a great night out!!! I went down to Fort Lauderdale Beach with my friend Jessica and enjoyed some subway sandwich of the day (Italian BMT) and spent some time on the beach enjoying the relaxation of the water noises

At midnight we met with some other friends and decided to take a nice swim in the ocean, man that wasn't on my Florida to do list, but it should have been!! It was so relaxing and fun. The water was such a nice temperature and I didn't freeze to death when I got out of the water. 
All in all it was a great night out.

"If you don't do silly things when you're young...You'll have nothing to smile about when you grow old."