Tuesday, December 4, 2012



Pentatonix is an accapella group that started out on the show called the sing off.
I had watched them since the very start of the show all the way to them becoming
the winners, and lets just say, I fell in love with their talent to use their voices like that!

Quickly I must add that my boyfriend parked behind their tour bus and as I was waiting for him to 
pay for parking, Kirstie, Mitch, and Scott all came walking out to go into the tour bus,
I was freaking out inside but calmly said hello to them and they said hello back!! 
I know they are just people like me but I still almost passed out from excitement, being a music geek and all.

We waited for a little bit while this other guy was on the stage, waiting for the real show to begin!
When the show started everyone was so excited and had so much fun! They were sooo good! 
I would post videos but they aren't that good of quality, but if they are in your town
(they are starting their 2013 tour) You should definitely check them out!

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