Saturday, January 4, 2014

7 Months later!

So I kind of fell off the face of the earth with this whole blog thing, but was checking up on my friends blogs and decided to write! I really should write more considering so much has happened since June!! I am not going to do a post for each and every single one but do a quick recap of what happened and keep up from their!
To start...July 31 2013 I got engaged!!

I had just come over to Jeremys place where he hugged me and pushed me toward the couch to sit. he knelt on the floor on both his knees and said "Billi I just love you so much." I in turn said, "I love you too." He paused for a second and said "will you marry me?" Me not fully realizing what was going on I jokingly said "Well where is my ring?" That is when he pulled the ring box out from under the pillow next to me and opened it up. I was in utter and total shock! I said yes and he put on the ring (actually I was speechless and just gave him lots of kisses, then said yes haha) 

After that was my trip to Utah to see my beautiful friend Chana get married! (I was her maid of honor)

We have been best friends ever since we were roommates in a summer program. We even became roommates in college for our first year!! We have had many great times together and I love her to death!!

I also got to see my best friend since middle school and her daughter Zoey!! I miss them so much it's unreal!!

I also got to see so many other great people that I love so much and can't wait till October when they come to see me in Florida for my wedding!!

That's pretty much my whole update!! I am not that exciting, I just work a lot and planning a wedding!! I will try to keep up now!

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