Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just a couple weeks ago I went to Utah for a very special occasion, to see one of my closest friends April (Case) Hansen get married!

Awe, Love <3
I made it a week long visit and got to do a lot of great things including:

Eat at Costa Vida with Jeremy and Sharla 
Raspberry Chipotle=Yummy!!
Go to Fillmore Hot Springs with Jeremy, Jason, Paul, Random strangers 
It was so much fun we had glow sticks and goggles so we could see the bottom!
Lunch with Trista Hudson and her daughter Ryli at Snow dragon
Awesome, even though Tiffiny Taylor couldn't attend :'(
Shave'n'Ice and Avengers with Ryan and theater popcorn!!
Something I miss about Sanpete, IT'S SO MUCH CHEAPER!!
April and Jakes wedding!!!
First time I met him and I couldn't have been more excited for her!

Rubios with Chana
Salad = bleck
Avengers for the 2nd night in a row with chana and her friends 
Better watching it the 2nd time!
A lovely time at shops at the Riverwoods in Provo with Sam, Brianna, and her Daughter Zoey
Later that evening we met up with Chana and Mark for....

Sadly my camera was stolen at the end of the trip so I didn't end up with my group pictures
I then made my way up to salt lake to see Debbie Coffin and her girlys, I missed Angie SO much I was glad to see her and meet her 3 new adopted girls.
We went to a picnic sunday at Ruthys home where I later met up with Keagan, I have missed him very much too.
We went to eat at iggys where we sat outside and it took forever for service, we later went back to his mom and dads and did a lot of catching up.
I then made my way back to Vegas and met up with Jeremy, Lacy, Jason, and Paul.
The pictures explain it all
I had such an amazing time and wished it could have lasted longer, but their will be a next time!

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